About Us

Welcome to Tiny Potato Coffee Company! 

A few years ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, my family adopted me from an animal shelter in Denver, Colorado. It was St. Patrick's Day, so naturally, I was named Potato. 

A picture of Potato, a scruffy terrier mix

My family and I have a routine in the morning:

First, I use the restroom outside like a good lil' spud.  

Then, my parents drink a cup of coffee in bed. It's how we all wake up in the morning and the time of day I enjoy most (I mean, pets and my first nap of the day, am I right?) 

Coffee brings people together and that's what we're all about. To take it a step further, and because my family loves animals a whole lot, we donate 5% of our monthly net revenue to no-kill animal shelters around the United States. 

We're excited to provide resources to places that care for furry friends looking for a safe and loving home. 

Explore all of our coffees. We offer a selection of organic single origin coffees as well as blended coffee and flavored coffee varieties that I know some of you love!