Rachel Noall

Rachel Noall is one of the founders of Tiny Potato Coffee Company. She spent much of her 20's exploring Europe, and while in Rome for 6 months lived across the alley from the infamous La Casa del Caffè Tazza d'Oro. This kicked off her true love of coffee, it's history, and the routine surrounding the beverage.


Rachel Noall, one of the co-founders of Tiny Potato Coffee Company

Rachel has an MA (with a focus on Poetry) and an MBA, giving her a unique skillset ane perspective when creating Tiny Potato Coffee Company.

In 2018, Rachel met Tiny Potato's co-founder, Francesca, at a coffee shop in Denver. They've been drinking coffee together every day since. In 2019, they adopted their dog Potato, and the rest of our company's origin story can be read here.